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Making a Website 101Below are my main guides on websitesetup.org that will show you exactly how to get your own website/blog/shop up-and-running.



Web hosting and domainsHere are some helpful guides and links to web hosting and domain registrations that I use and recommend.

Full disclosure: I earn a commission if you end up purchasing Bluehost through my referral links on this page. This helps me to keep WebsiteSetup up and running and up-to-date. Thanks for your support.

  • Bluehost Hosting: The web hosting company that I currently use and recommend. They’re cheap ($2.75/mo) and throw in a FREE domain for 1 year.
  • How to Sign up with Bluehost Hosting: Guide that goes through the registration process of Bluehost and one-click-install for WordPress, Joomla & Drupal.
  • Best WordPress Hosting: In-depth analysis and the speed tests among 10 most popular WordPress hosting providers.
  • How to Switch Web Hosts: Want to switch web hosts? Read this guide by Nick to learn how.
  • How to Choose a Domain Name: My 10 tips and common mistakes that people make. Most important ones are #1, #7 and #9.
  • How to Register a Domain Name: Step-by-step guide on how to register a domain name using GoDaddy or NameCheap. Tips for finding a FREE domain name.
  • Web Hosting Explained: In this article, I explain what is web hosting, why it’s needed and what types of web hostings are currently available.
  • Best Shared Web Hosting (external link): This list is put together by the folks at HostingFacts.com. They’ve tested important factors of a web host including uptime, speed and more.



Web Development toolsBelow are most popular software/CMS to build a website. I recommend using WordPress, but you can also consider Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, and others. Some of them are not free.



Customizing WordPressIf you already have a website and you’re using WordPress, consider checking out the content below.


HTML & CSS HELP (Not for Beginners)

HTML & CSS helpUsing HTML and CSS? Below or tutorials, guides and cheat sheets for people who need help with HTML, CSS and PHP basics.

  • HTML Beginner’s Tutorial: The sooner you learn the basics of HTML, the better. But don’t worry – this guide is more of an introduction to the HTML world. It’s not an all-encompassing guide to coding a website from scratch.
  • HTML Cheat Sheet: Don’t worry about memorizing each and every new HTML5 tag. Simply download this cheatsheet and use it as a reference when needed.
  • Web Safe HTML & CSS Fonts: Don’t know which font to use on your website? Take a look at this list of FREE, web safe fonts.
  • HTML Periodical Table: An interactive periodic table to help you learn each tag or get a quick reminder of what to use.
  • CSS Cheat Sheet: CSS3 contains many new properties and selectors. Here’s a starting list of some the new features already being implemented by modern web browsers.
  • jQuery Cheat Sheet: A handy cheat sheet for jQuery users.
  • JavaScript Cheat Sheet: The PDF version.
  • PHP Cheat Sheet: A quick reference guide for PHP covering the most important concepts and functions.



MiscThe stuff that didn’t fit elsewhere, e.g generating traffic, monetizing your website or becoming a full-time web developer.

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