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Nick Schäferhoff

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Choosing the right WordPress hosting provider for your WordPress website is very important. Your WordPress site’s health and reliability will rely on the hosting provider you use.

But how do you know which one is the best WordPress host for you? There’s so many to choose from: BluehostSiteGroundKinsta… etc. And it can be a real hassle, trying to figure out which one is the best option.

To help you make the correct choice we have monitored and tested over 40 hosting providers and compiled a list of the best ones.

So, whether you’re starting a small business, a portfolio site, or a WordPress blog—here are the 7 best web hosting companies for WordPress hosting.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Bluehost logo sidebar

Best “All-Round” Hosting Provider | Our Verdict: 5.0

Bluehost is to hosting the world what Samsung is to the smartphone world. They have been around for ages (started in 1996 at UT, USA), always keep up with the newest features and use a tweaked version of cPanel as a control panel. Inside the industry, when people think about WordPress hosting then they often first think about Bluehost, they are also one of the three officially recommended web hosts by WordPress themselves.

At first, we were skeptical of their popularity, that’s why we have been a paid user with Bluehost shared hosting from the summer of 2017 and with their WordPress hosting since March of 2020 to track their performance figures and billing tricks for ourselves. And, they have not disappointed.

Visit Bluehost

A2 Hosting logo

Fastest Page Loading Times | Our Verdict: 4.7

A2 Hosting is an independently owned hosting company that was started back in 2001 at MI USA. The main aspect where A2 Hosting excels the most is their speed, we have been their paid user from March 2017, and they have been on top of our performance tracking statistics ever since, and not even in the top 3 or 5 spots, they have been the number one fastest hosting provider site each year. Vps

Besides offering great speeds they are also packed with features at relatively cheap prices.

Visit A2 Hosting

Kinsta logo

Best “Premium” Hosting Provider | Our Verdict: 4.5

When Bluehost was the Samsung of the hosting world, then Kinsta is the Apple. They have their own fully custom-built infrastructure and control panel which is tailored to work exclusively with WordPress. Kinsta was founded in 2013 with a plan to stand out from the rest of the industry, in terms of WordPress hosting. Their main focus is on website performance, and with over 25 data centers around the world, they have achieved one of the best reliability on the market.

Of course, being premium means that they come at a higher monthly cost, but they make up for it with the quality of service they provide. In a matter of fact, for a long time, WebsiteSetup.org was hosted on Kinsta.

Visit Kinsta

SiteGround logo

Good “All-Round” Hosting Provider | Our Verdict: 4.0

SiteGround was founded in 2004 in Bulgaria by a few university friends. What started out as a small European company is now a popular web hosting provider, servicing millions of people worldwide.  They have four offices and several data centers spread globally and over the past decade and a half, SiteGround has grown to more than 500 employees. Moreover, they are also one of the officially recommended hosts by WordPress.

However, popularity doesn’t always equate with quality and we’ve been closely monitoring SiteGround’s services to see how they perform. The good news is that they’ve not disappointed. SiteGround is a good all-round hosting provider, especially excelling in uptime.

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Best “Cheap” Hosting Provider | Our Verdict: 3.5

Hostinger is an employee-owned (employees own company’s shares) hosting company that was bootstrapped in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. By now they provide hosting services for over 29 million users in 178 countries. Moreover, they claim to have 15,000 signups on average every day, meaning a new client in every five seconds.

Hostinger’s increasing popularity might have something to do with their affordable prices but that’s not all. According to our tests, Hostinger also delivers fast speed results, and together with their cheap starter plan, it makes them an attractive starter web hosting company.

Visit Hostinger

InMotion hosting logo

InMotion Hosting
Good “All-Round” Hosting Provider | Our Verdict: 4.0

InMotion hosting is a privately-held web hosting company that was founded in 2001. They offer a complete suite of open source digital products and infrastructure technologies such as UltraStack, cloud computing, and of course, web hosting. InMotion has over 300 employees and hosts thousands of clients worldwide.

We’ve been testing InMotion services for a while now and they’ve proved to offer good value for the money. Even though they don’t excel in anything particular, they also don’t disappoint in anything. They also come with a 90-day money-back guarantee that is rather rare in the hosting industry.

Visit InMotion

DreamHost logo

Best month-to-month paying option | Our Verdict: 3.5

DreamHost has been hosting WordPress sites since they started in Los Angeles back in 1997. What began in a dorm room has now grown to a huge company that hosts over 1.5 million websites and has a customer base of almost half a million people in more than 100 countries. WordPress seems to be in DreamHost’s DNA – they support it, make it better with code, community contributions, and expert-level support.

So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that DreamHost is also one of the hosts (together with Bluehost and SiteGround) recommended by WordPress.org. Where DreamHost stands out the most is their no hassle, no trick payment options. When most providers charge you a higher renewal price after the initial sign-up term, the great thing with DreamHost is that what you see is what you pay.

Visit DreamHost

Additional Information About WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting - is a type of website hosting plan where your site shares a server and its resources with other sites that are on the same server. With shared hosting, you can choose your preferred content management system (CMS) from a number of options that usually include WordPress, too. After all, it's the most common CMS in use.

WordPress hosting - refers to any type of web hosting that is meant specifically for WordPress sites, this can include shared hosting, where your WordPress site would share a server and resources with other WordPress sites. WordPress hosting can also be any other type of hosting: VPS hosting, dedicated, or cloud hosting.

If you're looking for a web host for your WordPress site specifically, it's better to look at WordPress hosting plans. Usually, such plans already have several WordPress-specific features. In contrast, if you choose a standard shared hosting plan for your WordPress site, you'll probably have to do some things on your own to get the same results.

Must-have features of a website hosting platform can be a very individual thing based on the needs of your website. But one thing that every web host must have is decent performance.

In fact, uptime and page speed are two of the crucial aspects that you shouldn't compromise on. Simply put, if your website is too slow to load or is constantly offline then it won't matter what other fancy features you might have.

So, in order to find out which hosts are up to the mark, we have signed up and monitored more than 40 different web hosting providers (often using multiple plans) to make sure that the providers that we do recommend are the best.

Now, on top of performance, there are other important factors to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting service:

1. Availability and quality of support
  • Can you reach support via phone or live chat?
  • Is support available 24/7?
  • How qualified are the support agents?
2. Vital features
  • SSL certificate
  • Backups
  • Email accounts
  • Money-back guarantee
3. Nice-to-have features
  • Domain name
  • Website migrations
  • Staging server
  • Multisite
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Caching
  • Automatic updates

Many website hosting service providers have two different types of plans: managed WordPress hosting and unmanaged WordPress hosting plans. This is another factor that can make choosing the right plan for you more difficult.

However, here's the difference in a nutshell:

Managed WordPress hosting means that the hosting provider will take care of all the technical aspects themselves. This brings many benefits, such as better security, expert customer support, automatic optimizations, and improved performance in general.

In contrast, unmanaged WordPress hosting means you must take care of all the technical details on your own.

So, when choosing between managed WordPress hosting vs unmanaged WordPress hosting, you should consider how much time and expertise you have. Will you be able to take care of the technical side of hosting on your own or would you like someone to do it for you?

Most hosting providers have some sort of pricing policies or discounts in place to attract and reel in new customers. These can include cheaper prices with annual plans, limited-time discounts, or other measures.

Now, during our research into the 40+ different web hosts, we have seen all sorts of strategies and even though most of them are pretty up front about everything you still consider reading the fine print.

So, let's take a quick look at the three most important pricing aspects you should be aware of.

The number one most common pricing strategy to tempt new users to sign up is offering huge discounts with long-term plans. Often, the discounts are even as large as 60–70% on the monthly prices. Now, these discounts are great. However, they require you to spend a larger sum of money upfront and to make a commitment for the next one to three years. And after the initial sign-up period, you'll be paying the regular price with no extra benefits.

In addition to monthly vs yearly prices, you should take a close look at what is and what isn't included in the hosting package you're about the select. If anything is promised for free—is it free for the whole duration of your subscription? For example, domain names are often only free for the first year.

And this brings us to the third important aspect:


How long is the money-back guarantee? What is refunded and what isn't? If you register a domain name through your new host, most likely the domain registration fee won't be refunded.

All in all, we haven't seen any pricing strategies that we would deem shady. But there are many intricate details that you should be aware of.

If the choice of hosting services seems overwhelming or if you're not sure what type of hosting you need in the first place: Don't worry—we're here to help.

We took our years of experience in composing hosting reviews and compressed them into a questionnaire that helps you choose the best WordPress hosting for your needs.

Take a look below!

And should you still have questions, feel free to contact us—we're here for you, every step of the way.

Which Hosting Partner is correct for you Questionnaire

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    In-Depth Look Into Each WordPress Hosting Provider

    A more detailed breakdown of each web hosting provider’s performance, security, support and pricing.

    1. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

    Best “All-Round” Hosting Provider

    bluehost WordPress hosting


    • Well Known Brand
    • Easy-to-Use
    • Reliable Performance
    • Quick and Helpful Support


    • Higher Renewal Prices
    • Daily backups cost extra

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    After reviewing over 40 web hosts, we have found that the benchmark for good uptime should be at 99.93%. So ideally, we wouldn’t want to see anything lower.

    Luckily, Bluehost passes our test easily, keeping our test site online with an uptime rate of 99.95% during the last 6 months (November 2020 to May 2021). As a matter of fact, this translates to only 42 seconds of downtime a day, which barely affects your visitors’ experience when browsing your site.

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    And when it comes to page speed, our test site with Bluehost has shown an average load speed of 726 ms over the past half a year. While this doesn’t compete for the top positions, it isn’t bad either. Altogether, you can trust Bluehost’s solid performance—no matter if you have a blogging site or a traffic-heavy eCommerce store.

    Security Options

    With the cheapest hosting plan, Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate and a free CDN (Cloudflare). Higher-tier plans come with the Spam Experts add-on, domain privacy protection, and server backups. Also, you get more advanced security features such as SiteLock, which helps prevent malware attacks.

    Another form of protection that Bluehost offers, is Codeguard. This add-on service gives you daily backups so you can roll back to a previous version of your site, should it get hacked.

    The final security tool worth noting is Postini from Google. It provides spam protection for your email, so anything suspicious is prevented from getting into your inbox in the first place.

    Support Quality

    Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support over live chat, phone, and an email ticketing system. On top of that, they have a vast knowledge base packed with answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information.

    We went ahead and tested their live chat option, and the experience was pleasant.

    We got answers to our questions quickly and the representative was well-informed. Some responses did feel copy-pasted, but the follow-up questions prompted improvised and helpful answers.

    Pricing and Plans

    All Bluehost plans include a free domain name for one year, an SSL certificate, CDN, and a one-click WordPress installation. The prices below are applicable with a 36-month subscription.

    Plan Price Included
    Basic $2.75/mo
    Renews at $8.99
    1 Website, 50 GB Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL, Free Domain, 25 Sub Domains, 5 Email Accounts
    Plus $5.45/mo
    Renews at $11.99
    Unlimited Websites, Unmetered Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL, Free Domain, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts
    Choice Plus $5.45/mo
    Renews at $16.99
    Unlimited Websites, Unmetered Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL, Free Domain, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Domain Privacy + Protection, Extra Security
    Additional Features
    • Automatic WordPress installation
    • Automatic updates for WordPress
    • Free website migration
    • 30-Day money-back guarantee
    • Many third-party applications
    • Free domain name
    • Managed WordPress hosting packages available

    Visit www.Bluehost.com

    2. A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

    Fastest Web Hosting Provider

    A2 WordPress hosting


    • Great performance
    • Many security features included
    • Good Support


    • Higher Renewal Prices
    • No free domain included

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    A2 Hosting has really earned the second placement on our list of best WordPress hosting services thanks to their great performance.

    With a solid uptime of 99.97%, which translates to approximately 25 seconds of downtime a day, your site is bound to be available to your visitors. And with their promised 99.9% uptime guarantee, you’re likely to get a consistent level of performance with A2 Hosting.

    A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    On top of solid uptime, A2 Hosting also shows the best page speed in our comparison of WordPress hosts, with a lightning-fast loading time of 274 ms.

    With these great uptime and page speed figures combined, your users will definitely have a great browsing experience when visiting your site.

    Security Options

    Included with all their plans, A2 Hosting offers several security features to both avoid potential threats and deal with imminent ones.

    You can prevent any mishaps thanks to free SSL certificates, SSH access, two-factor authentication, spam filtering, proactive HackScan protection, and the Patchman Enhanced Security Tool that detects and notifies you about out-of-date software.

    Still, should anything happen to your site, you’ll benefit from A2’s DDoS protection, dual firewall, brute force defense, and virus scanning features.

    Altogether, that’s a pretty impressive security arsenal.

    Support Quality

    You can contact the A2 Hosting support team through several means – their Guru Crew Support is available 24/7/365 through live chat, email ticketing system, and phone. We tried out their live chat.

    Before using both the live chat and ticket support options we had to fill out a short form with the name, email address, and a few more things including explaining the issue. This was a bit unexpected. But once the live chat connected us with a support agent we got our replies mostly within 1 minute of asking. The agent was friendly and knew exactly which resource or guide would solve the issue.

    A2 hosting also has an extensive knowledge base with lots of helpful entries that are likely to help with solving the most common issues that may occur.

    Pricing and Plans

    All plans include unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and subdomains, as well as free site migrations and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Plan Price Included
    Startup $2.99/mo
    Renews at $10.99
    1 Website, 100 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Migration, 5 Databases, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Unlimited Subdomains
    Drive $4.99/mo
    Renews at $12.99
    Unlimited Websites, Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Migrations, Unlimited Databases, Free Automatic Backups, Server Rewind Backups
    Turbo Boost $9.99/mo
    Renews at $20.99
    Unlimited Websites, Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Migrations, Unlimited Databases, Free Automatic Backups, Turbo Servers, Server Rewind Backups, Preconfigured Site Caching
    Additional Features
    • 4 data center locations
    • Website Staging
    • 1-Click WooCommerce, Magento, and other eCommerce software setup
    • cPanel control panel
    • Managed WordPress hosting plans available

    Visit www.A2Hosting.com

    3. Kinsta WordPress Hosting

    Best Premium WordPress Hosting Provider

    Kinsta WordPress hosting


    • Great performance
    • Tailored Around WordPress
    • Loads of Datacenters
    • Good Support
    • Great security


    • Expensive

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    Kinsta is a managed WordPress host that’s well-known for solid performance. And our test site has proven this once again.

    During the last 6 months, our site showed 99.99% uptime, which results in under 6 seconds of downtime a day. This is a result that all hosting providers should aspire to provide, there are a few hosts have in this list that have come close to it. But we’ll get to that soon.

    Kinsta WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    When it comes to page speed, Kinsta doesn’t fall behind either. Our test site’s 6-month average page load time is 610 ms, which is more or less what we would consider the better side of average.

    Security Options

    There are many useful security features included already with Kinsta’s cheapest Starter plan ($30/mo). These include automatic daily backups as well as manual backup points with a 14-day retention period for the cheapest hosting plans. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate (or import your own), hardware firewalls, secure SSH and SFTP access, and continuous uptime monitoring.

    In case someone does hack your site, Kinsta guarantees they’ll fix your site and remove any malware for free. If you’re migrating an already infected site, you can ask them to clean it up for a $100 single-time fee.

    On top of all that, you’ll get DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, and all the security benefits from the Google Cloud platform that Kinsta uses.

    Support Quality

    When it comes to customer support, Kinsta differs a bit from most web hosts:

    Instead of phone and email ticket support, they only have live chat support.

    You can only use the chat through the MyKinsta dashboard and on the other side of the chat, they have WordPress engineers that can fix your issues quickly. Before you commit and sign up, you can get in touch with them through a form on the Contact page.

    In addition to the live chat support, Kinsta also has an extensive knowledge base that features in-depth guides on WordPress and other topics. They also run an up-to-date blog with even more great learning resources and relevant articles.

    Pricing and Plans

    Kinsta offers many managed WordPress plans that all include a number of free premium migrations, free unlimited basic migrations, automatic and manual backups, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. All plans come with 2 months free in case you get a yearly subscription.

    The cheapest plan on offer is the $30/mo Starter plan. Below are its features as well as the cheapest hosting options for the other types of plan they have:

    Plan Price Included
    Starter $30/mo 1 Website, 25’000 Monthly Visits, 10 GB SSD Storage, 50 GB Free CDN, 1 Free Premium Migration, Automatic and Manual Backups (14-day retention)
    Business 1 $100/mo 2 Websites, 50’000 Monthly Visits, 20 GB SSD Storage, 100 GB Free CDN, Multisite Support, Site Cloning, 2 Free Premium Migrations, Automatic and Manual Backups (14-day retention)
    Enterprise 1 $600/mo 60 Websites, 1’000’000 Monthly Visits, 100 GB SSD Storage, 1000 GB Free CDN, Multisite Support, Site Cloning, 5 Free Premium Migrations, Automatic and Manual Backups (30-day retention)
    Additional Features
    • 25 global data center locations
    • Multi-user environment
    • Staging area
    • Automatic database optimization
    • Custom-developed caching plugin and performance-monitoring tool
    • PHP 8.0 support
    • Transparent overage fees

    Visit www.Kinsta.com

    4. SiteGround WordPress Hosting

    Good All-Round Provider

    SiteGround WordPress hosting


    • Excellent uptime
    • Fast customer support
    • Good Features


    • No free domain
    • Higher renewal prices

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    SiteGround has one of the best uptimes among all the hosting platforms that we monitor (40+).

    Our test site showed an uptime of 99.98% within the last 6 months. This means on average only 18 seconds of downtime a day, which has probably no negative effect whatsoever on your users’ browsing experience.

    SiteGround WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    Also, SiteGround demonstrates a page load time at an average of 608 ms—based on our thorough research into different hosting solutions, this is a satisfying result.

    Security Options

    SiteGround offers decent all-round security features as well as something they call WordPress Advanced Security, detecting any general or plugin vulnerabilities so that they can apply fixes promptly.

    Also, with all plans, they offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, automated daily backups, spam protection by SolarWinds Spam Experts, and web application firewall. Advanced on-demand backups are part of the more expensive plans.

    Among the more technical security features, they have hardware redundancy, SSH and SFTP access, and their own server monitoring system that checks your site’s health every 0.5 seconds. SiteGround also has hack-prevention systems in place, however, unlike some other hosting platforms, they don’t offer free hack fixes. Still, they’ll provide you with a list of infected files and step-by-step instructions so you can solve the problem.

    Support Quality

    When it comes to customer support, SiteGround is doing great. They offer 24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email tickets.

    We tested out their live chat and we were really happy with the results. Their support agent connected with the chat almost immediately and gave quick replies to all our questions. On top of that, the agent was friendly and really knowledgeable and the chat didn’t feel copy-pasted at all (although some answers could have been).

    All in all, we were impressed by the speed of SiteGround’s support, and our issue was resolved in one interaction.

    On top of 24/7 customer support, SiteGround has a decent knowledge base, a collection of helpful tutorials for beginners, and even a podcast aimed at explaining tech concepts in plain English.

    Pricing and Plans

    All SiteGround pricing plans include unlimited databases, subdomains and parked domains, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free Cloudflare CDN.

    Plan Price Included
    StartUp $6.99/mo
    Renews at $14.99
    1 Website, 10 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Free Cloudflare CDN
    GrowBig $9.99/mo
    Renews at $24.99
    2 Websites, 20 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, 1-Click WordPress Staging, On-Demand Backups
    GoGeek $14.99/mo
    Renews at $39.99
    5 Websites, 40 GB Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, 1-Click WordPress Staging, On-Demand Backups, Advanced Priority Support
    Additional Features
    • Unlimited free automated WordPress migrations
    • Free drag & drop Weebly Sitebuilder
    • Automatic updates to WordPress plugins and core files
    • Unlimited number of databases
    • In-house developed WordPress optimizer plugin
    • Managed WordPress hosting available

    Visit www.SiteGround.com

    5. Hostinger WordPress Hosting

    Best “Cheap” Hosting Provider

    Hostinger WordPress hosting


    • Cheap pricing
    • Easy to use control panel (hPanel)
    • Good support
    • Good features


    • Daily Backups not available with the two cheapest plans
    • Free CDN not available with two cheapest plans
    • Unreliable performance at times

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    During the last 6 months, Hostinger has shown an uptime average of only 99.86%, despite their 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. This translates to 2 minutes and 4 seconds of downtime a day. Compared to other hosting services we’ve tested, this is not a great result and it can already disrupt user experience to a considerable extent.

    Hostinger WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    However, what Hostinger lacks in uptime, they make up in page speed with a 6-month average of 360 ms. This is the second-best page load time on our list, proving that they’re doing something right.

    Still, considering that some months our test site showed a perfect 100.00% uptime, we wouldn’t write off Hostinger just yet – hopefully, they’ll manage to take care of the root causes for the disruptions.

    Security Options

    When security is concerned, Hostinger offers only the most basic features with their cheapest hosting plans. With the entry-level Single WordPress and WordPress Starter plans, you’ll get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, FTPS access, and weekly backups.

    If you’re interested in anything else, like SSH access, daily backups, or DDoS protection thanks to free Cloudflare CDN,  you’ll have to get a more expensive plan.

    In general, Hostinger doesn’t seem to put a lot of emphasis on security features on their site, unlike some other web hosting services. So, if you’d like more security features, you should use plugins to secure your site or get a more expensive plan.

    Support Quality

    Hostinger offers 24/7/365 customer support via email ticketing and live chat. However, the live chat is only available for logged-in users. There’s no phone support, but Hostinger has branches all over the world, so you’re likely to get help in your preferred language.

    First, we tried out Hostinger’s ticket system by filling out the contact form on their site. Within about 10 minutes, they sent a helpful reply, however, further replies already took over 20 minutes.

    Second, we tested the live chat. The estimated reply time shown in the chat bubble was 20 minutes. Sadly, wait times as long as this can be a drawback—especially if you’re having an urgent issue. It took 32 minutes for a support agent to connect with us and we received further replies within about 3 minutes.

    Despite the initial delays, all the replies we got were helpful and managed to solve our issues.

    Finally, on top of direct support, Hostinger has a large knowledge base, a database with tutorials, and a blog that you can search for answers on your own.

    Pricing and Plans

    All plans offer managed WordPress hosting and include a free SSL certificate, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and backups at least on a weekly basis.

    Plan Price Included
    Single WordPress $1.99/mo
    Renews at $3.99
    1 Website, 30 GB SSD Storage, 1 Free Email Account, Free SSL, 100 GB Bandwidth, 2 Databases (3 GB), Weekly Backups
    WordPress Starter $2.99/mo
    Renews at $7.99
    100 Websites, 100 GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress Multisite, Unlimited Databases, Weekly Backups
    Business WordPress $7.99/mo
    Renews at $11.99
    100 Websites, 200 GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress Multisite, Unlimited Databases, Daily Backups, Free CDN
    WordPress Pro $11.59/mo
    Renews at $19.99
    300 Websites, 200 GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress Multisite, Unlimited Databases, Daily Backups, Free CDN
    Additional Features
    • 1-click WordPress installation
    • LiteSpeed Cache plugin for caching and optimization
    • Multi-user environment
    • Free domain name for 1 year (except for the cheapest plan)
    • Custom hPanel control panel

    Visit www.Hostinger.com

    6. InMotion WordPress Hosting

    Good All-Round Provider

    InMotion WordPress hosting


    • Good value for money
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • 90-day money-back guarantee


    • No free backups with the cheapest plan
    • Higher-cost entry plan

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    As with other web hosting companies, we’ve been monitoring the performance of InMotion’s shared WordPress hosting plan for quite some time. Our data for the last 6-months shows a 99.94% uptime rate, which equals 16 seconds of daily downtime.

    Now, this isn’t by far the best uptime we’ve seen, but it’s still above our recommended 99.93% benchmark.

    InMotion WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    However, when it comes to page speed, InMotion shows great results with the 6-month average page load time at 291 ms. This can be considered a fast page speed that is good for SEO and user experience.

    Security Options

    Security-wise, InMotion performs well. All their plans include a free SSL certificate, SSH access, web application firewall, and a security suite with protection against malware, hacks, and DDoS attacks. Automatic backups are part of all plans except the cheapest WP-1000S plan.

    On top of all that, you also get SPAM Safe™ spam protection for email, optional automatic WordPress updates, and a staging environment to safely try out all your changes.

    So, considering InMotion’s pricing plans start at $6.99/mo, we wouldn’t expect any fewer security features—at least when compared to the competition.

    Support Quality

    InMotion has 24/7/365 support for all questions regarding sales, support, your account, and billing. You can contact them via live chat, phone, email, or even Skype.

    We tested out InMotion’s live chat. There was an initial waiting time of a few minutes before a support agent connected but we still got quick solutions to our issues—even though they had to investigate the issue for a few more minutes. In general, our issues were met with a friendly and professional response on top of helpful recommendations.

    In addition to 24/7 support, InMotion has a support center with over 5,000 articles and guides, with a separate department for any WordPress-related content including guides for more advanced users. They also have a blog with lots of relevant up-to-date content.

    Pricing and Plans

    All managed WordPress hosting plans include a free domain and SSL certificate, as well as unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. Mentioned prices apply with a 2-year subscription. InMotion also has a rare 90-day money-back guarantee (with 6+ month plans).

    Plan Price Included
    WP-1000s $6.99/mo
    Renews at $9.99
    1 website, 50 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, 2 Databases
    WP-2000s $6.99/mo
    Renews at $12.99
    2 websites, 100 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Jetpack Personal, Automatic Backups, 8 Databases
    WP-3000s $10.99/mo
    Renews at $17.99
    3 websites, 150 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Jetpack Personal, Opcode Cache, Automatic Backups, 13 Databases
    WP-4000s $15.99/mo
    Renews at $33.99
    6 websites, 200 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Jetpack Professional, Opcode Cache, Dedicated IP, Automatic Backups, 15 Databases
    Additional Features
    • BoldGrid drag-and-drop WordPress page builder
    • Free no-downtime site migrations
    • Over 200 free WordPress themes
    • CDN included with Jetpack
    • 100 subdomains included
    • Google Apps integration
    • Multi-user environment

    Visit www.InMotion.com

    7. DreamHost WordPress Hosting

    Best Billing Practices

    DreamHost WordPress hosting


    • Unlimited SSD storage
    • Best pricing practices (no higher renewals)
    • Rare 100% uptime guarantee
    • Automatic backups


    • Not many security and support features included
    • Bad performance

    Performance (Uptime and Page Speed)

    DreamHost offers a quite rare 100% uptime guarantee. If one of their systems fails, you’ll be reimbursed, which is the reason why they still managed to made the list. But sadly, despite the guarantee, our measured 6-month average uptime was only 99.78%. This means having 3 minutes and 13 seconds of downtime a day, which can already affect your business. The effect is not huge, but there’s still quite a lot of room for improvement to reach the promised 100%.

    DreamHost WordPress Hosting 6-Month Performance Statistics

    Now, when it comes to page speed, DreamHost doesn’t show the best results either with a 1,430 ms response time.

    These results put DreamHost last on our list of the 7 best WordPress hosting services, but they’re still better than what you get with most other hosting options.

    Security Options

    DreamHost offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with all their plans. On top of that, they have free domain privacy, SFTP, and SSH access, as well as automated daily backups and WordPress core & security updates.

    With the three more expensive Dreampress plans you’ll also get the Jetpack plugin that provides protection against brute force attacks. The Dreampress Plus and Pro plans include the Jetpack Professional version with many additional security features.

    In general, when it comes to security, DreamHost is a bit similar to Hostinger as neither seems to be putting a lot of extra focus on security, aside from the basic must-have features.

    Support Quality

    DreamHost has in-house WordPress experts to offer email tickets and live chat support. The most expensive plan also comes with priority support.

    A live chat support option is available for all signed-up users through the control panel every day at set hours (5:30 AM–9:30 PM PT). At all other times, you can chat with the 24/7 help bot that directs more complicated queries to customer support through an email ticket.

    To test out their level of service, we talked to their chatbot that resulted in an email ticket being created, as we contacted DreamHost outside their live chat hours. We had to reply to an auto-sent email with our question and received a detailed reply in under 3 hours.

    Although the email ticket reply felt a bit copy-pasted, we did receive the help we needed and we also got a few links to additional resources. In fact, DreamHost has a well-organized knowledge base and even a user forum that you can search for help outside of support hours.

    Pricing and Plans

    All plans include pre-installed WordPress with automatic core and security updates, free domain, free automated migrations, unmetered monthly visits and bandwidth, and automated daily backups. Prices apply with pre-paid plans. The more expensive Dreampress plans are managed WordPress hosting packages.

    Plan Price Included
    Shared $2.59/mo
    Renews at $5.99
    1 Website, Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited SSD Storage, Free SSL, Automatic WordPress Updates, Automated Daily Backups, Free Domain
    Dreampress Starter $16.95/mo 1 Website, Unmetered Bandwidth, 30 GB SSD Storage, High-Performance Cloud Hosting, 1-Click Staging, Built-in Caching, On-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore, Email Accounts With Custom Domain,
    Dreampress Plus $24.95/mo 1 Website, Unmetered Bandwidth, 60 GB SSD Storage, High-Performance Cloud Hosting, 1-Click Staging, Built-in Caching, On-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore, Email Accounts With Custom Domain, Free Jetpack Professional
    Additional Features
    • Free website builder
    • Free domain privacy
    • Custom-built control panel
    • 24/7 ticket and live chat support
    • 97-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans
    • 30-day money-back guarantee on Dreampress plans
    • Recommended by WordPress.org

    Visit DreamHost


    As said, choosing the best WordPress hosting service for your needs is crucial. Each host has its pros and cons but what matters in the end, is the performance—that your site is actually available to your visitors.

    Based on our research and 40+ website hosting reviews, we’ve assembled this list of the 7 best WordPress hosting services out there. So that you wouldn’t have to make a compromise.

    Now, we recommend you try our web hosting quiz and if you still have any questions, then feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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