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TsoHost was founded in 2003 by the Paragon Internet Group. And to date, they have more than 250,000 customers.

TsoHost hosting review

TsoHost may not be one of the biggest or most well-known hosting providers out there. But that steady growth and stable leadership point to a company that knows what it’s doing.

We signed up for their cloud hosting plan and have been closely monitoring performance statistics like uptime and page load speeds.

Our goal is to compile a fair, unbiased review and let tsoHost’s data speak for itself based on the performance of our live test website.

Let’s see how tsoHost has done over the last year.

General Info & Hosting Overview

Our Rating:

Our Verdict: 3.0

SPEED: 514 ms (March 2022 to August 2022)
UPTIME: 99.95% (March 2022 to August 2022)
SUPPORT:Live Chat, Phone, 24/7 Ticketing, and Knowledge Base
APPS:WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, phpBB +25 Overall Apps
FEATURES:One Website, Free Domain Name, 100 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 512 MB Memory, 1-Click Installs, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
HOSTING PLANS:Shared, WordPress, VPS, Managed Dedicated, and Dedicated Servers
PRICING: Starting at £3.99/mo + 20% VAT (no higher renewal price)


Pros of Using TsoHost Hosting

TsohHost has grown steadily and kept its founding team intact. That points to a well-run organization that (should) deliver on the most important aspects like uptime and speed.

1. Solid Loading Time 514 ms

One of the major decision-making criteria you should use when evaluating a new hosting company is speed.

The reason? Three-fourths of your website traffic will leave if pages take longer than five seconds to load.

We were very worried about the first months when we started monitoring them. With a two-second load time, it means that almost half of your traffic will leave the site and visit someone else, who has a much better loading time, at least under a second.

tsoHost last 6 month speed data
TsoHost last 6-month average uptime (monitoring since 2018)| See stats

However, the good news is that tsoHost has really stepped up their game during the past half a year and delivered a solid speed of 514 ms.

2. Good Uptime – 99.95%

Uptime is arguably the most important criterion a hosting company’s responsible for.

The reason is that even the slightest bit of downtime — like 99% — can add up to your site being offline for almost a full day each month.

Fortunately, tsoHost has posted a strong uptime of 99.95% with 31 outages within the period we monitored them.

tsoHost last 6 month speed and uptime data
TsoHost last 6-month average uptime (monitoring since 2018)| See stats

Last 6 months of monitoring: uptime

  • August 2022: 99.97%
  • July 2022: 99.99%
  • June 2022: 99.99%
  • May 2022: 99.99%
  • April 2022: 99.83%
  • March 2022: 99.96%

3. Nice ‘Bonus’ Plan Features

Like many of the web’s top hosts, tsoHost features a simple one-click installation of CMS applications like WordPress, Drupal, and ZenCart. That means you can have a new site up within minutes, and possibly selling by the end of the day.

Each shared hosting plan also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. (And unlike many other hosts, this money-back guarantee really is a good deal, with no hidden fees or other tricks to worry about.)

TsoHost price plan comparison

Their plans — even the most inexpensive and basic ones — come with a lot of extra features that are not very common with other hosts.  For example, all their plans offer a free domain name and website migrations.

4. Transparent Pricing

Many hosting providers have a ton of upsells at the last-minute check-out. When you choose their plans, it often comes with a two or three years commitment with higher renewal prices.

We liked tsoHost’s pricing plans as you’ll find all the features shown in their price plans and they also show you the different price commitment prices.

The shown prices are for 12 months (approximately £4/mo for a start-up plan) and for a monthly payment you’d be looking at a price increase of £1 – approximately £5/mo.

Cons of Using TsoHost Hosting

All in all, tsoHost has a lot of things to like.

Their speed and uptime are solid. Their plans, even the cheapest ones, come with some nice features like daily backups and one-click installs.

However, there are a few drawbacks to their service you should be aware of.

1. UK-based servers

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, if your site is mainly for the US market and customer base, you’d be better off with your servers located in the US not overseas.

Overseas servers often slow your site down as data transfers take longer.

2. Strict Payment Terms

The long and dreadfully boring Terms of Service is usually where all the bodies are buried.

And tsoHost’s terms were no exception.

First up, is their strict terms around how and when renewals are paid.

Here’s the problem: how often do you get a new credit or debit card throughout the year, only for the old one to be still linked to many online accounts (like hosting providers)?

If overdue invoices aren’t taken care of within a few days, tsoHost will automatically suspend your account (which means your site goes down). So keep a watchful eye on those reminder emails!

When other products purchased through them, like a domain name, expire (again, unfortunately, common when they try to run a card with an old number and the payment doesn’t go through — even though you just assume it does), that product will immediately expire the next day.

After you do make the payment right, you’ll still have to notify them by email to get your domain or site back online within the next 24 hours. So you could be looking inadvertently at a lengthy downtime period if something common, like your card details changing, happens and payment doesn’t go through.

Another potential downside is that all payments received must be in UK Pounds sterling. That means you’re on the hook for any possible exchange rate charges.

Last but not least, they reserve the right to change or adjust pricing at any point in time. That means even though your next renewal period won’t cost you more right now… it doesn’t mean that will be the case in the near future.

3. Limited and Slow Support

TsoHost has two customer support options: live chat and ticketing. Besides that, they also have a vast knowledge base.

tsoHOST support optionsSounds good, right?

In theory, yes, however, in practice not so good.

Their live chat support is available only from 7 am to midnight GM. So, if you’re located in the U.S. (or anywhere else other than the UK and Western Europe) that might post a few problems.

Moreover, when we tried to contact their customer rep via chat (several times) during business hours, there was no possibility to do so, which leaves us questioning whether tsoHOST even has a live chat option or just claim they do.

This left us with ticketing. We opened a new ticket in the client area and asked some technical questions. We received clear and knowledgeable replies to all of our questions, but it took 13 hours for the customer rep to get back to us.

tsoHOST ticket reply

It’s understandable that ticketing is slower than an actual live chat, but 13 hours to get a reply is a bit too much.

4. Free SSL Not Included with the Cheapest Plans

An SSL Certificate is something that is a must-have on a website. Not only it will ensure that your website is safe and sound to browse on, but it will also help to boost your SEO.

Because of that many hosts nowadays offer a free SSL Certificate, but not tsoHost, unfortunately.

With their cheapest Economy and Deluxe plan, you’ll get a 50% discount (£20.83/year) on Standard SSL for the first year and this only applies to annual contracts. If you sign up with their monthly plan, you’ll have to pay the full price of £41.66/year (+20% VAT).

TsoHost Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

TsoHost offers four different shared hosting plans. All prices shown are with a 12-month commitment.

Here’s what’s included in each:

Economy PlanDeluxe PlanUltimate PlanMaximum Plan
Pricing£3.99/month+20% VAT£5.99/month+20% VAT£8.99/month+20% VAT£14.99/month+20% VAT
Storage100 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Email Accounts100500UnlimitedUnlimited
Other Features• 1 Basic Migration
• 50% discount on Standard SSL
• 3 Basic Migrations
• 50% discount on Standard SSL
• 3 Basic Migrations
• 2 eCommerce Migrations
• Free Standard SSL
• 5 Basic Migrations
• 3 eCommerce Migration
• A valid DV SSL certificate

Quick Facts

  • Ease of Signup: The signup process is relatively quick and painless
  • Free domain: Yes.
  • Payment Methods: You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • Money-Back: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: No domain names on some plans. Be careful about renewals.
  • Upsells: There are a few upsells along the way.
  • Account Activation: Usually instant, however, can take up to a day in some cases.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Extremely easy, one-click installation process of the most popular apps available.

Do We Recommend tsoHost?

Yes and no.

TsoHost delivered decent page loading times and strong uptime which we liked.

We were also impressed by their relatively inexpensive plans that offer great features. We also appreciate that their pricing, although it comes with strict terms, it’s transparent and honest on their website. However, the prices are shown without VAT, which is determined by your country for billing details.

Downside? Their customer support is slow, and they’re lacking data centers and security features.

Best alternatives for tsoHOST:

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Do you have any experience with tsoHost? If so, we’d love to hear a transparent and honest review below — positive or negative!

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    1  — June 22, 2022

    Very frustrating

    Since TSO upgraded their system I had several problems resulting in my websites and emails being unavailable for days. It took 3 TSO advisors and a total of 3 hours of my time to ‘hopefully’ resolve the issues which all seemed from a so-called upgrade. Very frustrating, there doesn’t seem to be a basic overview and notification procedure to indicate any problems. It was only when clients told me of the broken websites and bouncing emails that I knew there was a problem.


    1  — June 7, 2022

    Avoid!! Took money no hosting provided and refused to refund

    If I could give zero stars I would. Customer service is atrocious, they refused to refund even though they suspended my site 6 months ago and have provided me with no hosting at all. I requested the refund within the cooling off period. They conveniently can’t find my return email and now say it’s too late despite suspending my site at the time of the request!


    1  — April 12, 2022

    TS-NO host

    I have been using TSO host for a number of years (15+) until recently it was pretty uneventful, however, in the last few months something has changed, they have now screwed us over by giving just 2 months to move off our existing package and recommend we get a VPS for one wordpress site? ive contacted them about moving onto another plan, at that point they stop replying, im gut feeling is they are moving away from classic web hosting so i would not even consider them if that’s what you want.

    I am now moving my customers away, Live chat and telephone support have gone from the website, tickets take a minimum of 48 hours (if you’re lucky enough to get a reply at all)

    Avoid at all costs


    1  — March 27, 2022

    Looking around for other options

    I have been with tsohost since 2011 when they were vidahost. When they became tsohost things got worse, but all hosting providers have bad reviews so I didn’t move.

    About 8 months ago some of my apps started to get “net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING” errors for images and CSS which I thought were hosting related, tsohost denied. I should have started looking for other hosting options then but didn’t.

    In March they discontinued the hosting technology I was on and moved me to new servers, the technical issues they reported as being my fault went away when they changed their server technology. The server technology my sites are running on now is better.

    But when they moved technology they also discontinued my hosting plan. They changed my plan to the Maximum plan without informing me. The closest plan to what I was using should have been the Ultimate plan. The bureaucracy involved in having this changed was unbelievable. They wanted me to pay for both ultimate, and maximum then they would migrate all servers again, and then they would issue me credits as a ‘refund’ for the maximum plan.

    I’m leaving the plan as is, and spending the year looking around for other hosting providers, not because the tsohost technology is bad but because I don’t trust them and the customer service and support is inflexible.

    I have migrated all my static sites over to netlify, so I’m just looking for hosting for my php applications, then I will happily dump tsohost. I will also transfer my domain registrations to another host.

    I’m happy they have improved their technology hosting. If they hadn’t completely messed up the customer service I would probably continue using them. They don’t value long term customers. I no longer trust them.

    Luke H

    1  — January 29, 2022

    Dreadful – Avoid at all costs…

    I’ve hosted 10 sites with TSOhost for the last few years. They were quite good but in the last 3 years or so, they have deteriorated into an absolute farce. Downtime has become a daily occurrence, often 5-10 times a day for each site. Slow server responses, blacklisted mail servers, customer support that takes 2-3 days to respond, even for critical issues. The list goes on. Add to that fundamental security issues that have led to all sorts of hacking headaches and it adds up to a circus.

    I have frequently raised my concerns but their standard response is to deny any knowledge of the problems. So, I moved all of my sites somewhere else and haven’t looked back since.

    Bob M

    1  — November 15, 2021

    Shockingly Bad – They Should Be Shut Down

    Hate is a strong word… but I hate this company. The TSOHost management are so nasty and incompetent that I only wish utter failure on them all.

    They decided to “terminate the platform” I was on, due to the fact they were not going to support it anymore. OK, fair enough, I thought. I understood the reasons and accepted it.

    They then told me I had less than 6 weeks to get all my client’s websites and email accounts off the server or they would delete everything. After speaking to them for a few days, they then declared that they would not give me access to use Plesk Migration tools and that I had to do the entire migration manually. Over 100 accounts. Literally, by hand. With zero help from them.

    I couldn’t believe their attitude – it was basically ‘oh sorry, whatever, have a nice day’. The arrogance was astonishing.

    So far, it has taken me about 150 hours, day and night around my full time job, which I have come close to losing. I don’t see my family at the weekends, untold stress between myself and my clients, coming at the worst time of the year, a few weeks before Christmas. An absolute nightmare.

    I wish nothing but bad luck on this shower of a company. They should be shut down.

    And don’t fall for the “excellent” reviews on Trustpilot!!! Just read them carefully and you will easily see the pattern.

    The only silver lining of this horrible experience was finding my new server company and realizing that I had been stuck in the dark ages for years. It is SO much better where I am now and I now know I should have moved years ago. If you read this and then decide to go with TSOHost, just be aware, that this company only cares about money, they detest their customers and they will stab you in the back at some point.


    1  — August 25, 2021

    They used to be good

    They used to be brilliant but they now seem to have lost the plot.

    If you have a simple WordPress site they may be fine but if you need more, forget it, they are clueless.

    They changed permissions on all of my Perl scripts which stopped them executing and killed my websites. They denied it but I didn’t change them so that only leaves them.

    Their support people just don’t care that they have killed my business.

    Chris E

    1  — August 20, 2021

    Sadly agree with all the bad reviews

    Long term customer 5+ years with tso but I too can relate to most of the poor reviews on this page. The company has gone from great to amateur level with systems that just don’t work when running a business. Simple things like renewal getting messed up, discounts missed off and poor service levels just make it a terrible place to be hosting your sites. Support even the new VIP support is at best two replies a day then you’re into the next day chasing. Along with all of the other issues tso host just isn’t a feasible option for Businesses of any kind of decent standard.

    Zeeshan M

    1  — August 6, 2021

    A dodgy and unprofessional company.

    A dodgy and unprofessional company. I never registered with them and they started to send me invoices. For 1 week I was not sure why, later I found out that they had recently purchased another hosting company who I used previously. I have contacted them multiple times and they are refusing to close my account. Now I get 5 emails every day telling me that my service will be closed if I do not pay and ironically they have not closed it and every month they send me a new invoice.

    My recommendation, never trust a company that is so dodgy and so unprofessional in terms of invoicing and billing.

    Andy J

    1  — May 20, 2021

    Awful – Go elsewhere

    Been with this host for many many years, when it was under the guise of Evo Hosting. I only host a relatively simple WordPress installation and make use of a few email services associated with my domains. The problem seems to be getting worse with lots of random downtime, and will be moving elsewhere as soon as the next invoice is due.


    1  — February 26, 2021

    Very bad experience

    They took my entire dedicated server down for 2 weeks because their infrastructure had malware which had nothing to do with my server. when they restored the server it was back to all default server configuration which then cost me 100 hours to fix everything. Also you should note that if you get a cPanel server they actually go out of their way to remove all aspects of doing anything yourselves such as using root privileges to get free SSL certificates using Letsencrypt or AutoSSL so they practically force you to buy an SSL certificate which they then go and install for free.


    1  — February 13, 2021

    Terrible basic package

    I’ve been using this company for about 15 years and they have always been pretty good. They got taken over by GoDaddy and the legacy hosting packages I have from before this time are fine but I recently bought a new basic hosting package to host a single, simple wordpress site and it is APPALLING! They have an I/O limit of 1MB which is constantly reached and then the site effectively goes down. I can’t even upload an image to wordpress on this without the server keeling over.

    They couldn’t care less and want me to pay for an expensive business account – for a single simple WP site! I’m moving hosts – I have to! And will take the 30 or so clients with me somewhere else. Sad to say. p.s. Phone support has always been excellent


    1  — February 13, 2021

    And another thing

    Oh and another thing – they recently (early 2020) added a security update to their servers which means unless you are on a static IP, you are blacklisted from accessing their servers and have to phone them up to whitelist your current static ip address…on a domain name basis.

    What this means in practise is that every time I want to connect to a website for a client via ftp, I have to call TSOHost support to get my ip address whitelisted. Only they can’t whitelist it for every server seemingly – they have to do it on a website by website basis. meaning I have to call them for every single ftp connection I make each day.

    Asa C

    1  — January 17, 2021

    Terrible in the end (WordPress)

    Started out fine (WordPress hosting), but speeds deteriorated massively over time, and in the end they didn’t even make excuses for this. Instead, they almost invited me to leave for another hosting company, which I did (Namecheap), and which I don’t regret at all.


    1  — September 30, 2020

    Sad deterioration of a once-excellent Company

    It’s with sadness that today, after nearly 8 years as a customer of TSOHost (and its former incarnations), I have made the decision to migrate all of my numerous business and websites away from them after the unacceptable dip in quality of service (in terms of performance but also customer and technical) over the past 12 months in particular.

    Many of the issues are well-storied already here, so I shan’t go into any indulgence with them, but essentially load times and uptime have all been steadily getting worse, and the overall experience has seen me spend far too many hours than is reasonable or fair engaged in live chats repeating the same issues and problems to agents who have to then ‘pass it on’ (never a problem previously) or on support tickets, my latest which I am on over 2 days and counting since a reply… despite them knowing the urgency of the situation.

    And that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the unnecessary and often unheralded back-end changes, movement of files and sometimes even account information and a myriad of other needless headaches, changes and problems that you are lucky to get resolved in anything approaching a sensible time frame.

    It’s a sad departure from a company that I’ve used in its various forms for so many years, but the quality of service and performance has just gotten so dire I had no choice but to move away.

    I would very much recommend steering clear until at the very least the collective consensus improves considerably.


    1  — July 6, 2020


    I was moved across to TSO by an unhelpful web developer – she turned out to be almost as bad they are. I have had appalling up time in the last two years, they have repeatedly moved my data around altering locations and usernames and even passwords. The multiple domains we had with them were all co-hosted poorly under a single directory and when one was infected they all were, an external cleaning company sorted through mess out and we ported the two main sites to separate hosting. The sites that remain are in an appalling state, I do not have ftp or mail access to them currently waiting for a higher level of support to respond to open tickets after nearly three hours of chat with their support team this morning.

    More than happy for anyone to contact me to discuss but if your business depends on the web, this cannot be a recommendation from me at this time.

    Rob C

    2  — July 3, 2020

    Customer Service Getting Worse

    TSOHost of today is nothing like Vidahost when it started, and has become noticeably worse since the more recent takeover by GoDaddy. The packages they provide are competitive and of a reasonable standard, but downtime seems to be a more frequent occurrence. However, the aspect that is now really disappointing is customer service. Clearly, the tech support is under-resourced. The answers are usually thorough and competent, but it’s taking a few days to get any sort of response, which is making TSOHost pretty much unviable from a commercial perspective.

    I’ve been a client for over 10 years and I think it’s time to move everything to another host. I wouldn’t recommend TSOHost in its current form.


    1  — June 23, 2020

    Cannot cancel – Removed support

    I was unable to cancel my services auto-renewal. It required me to submit a support ticket to cancel. I did this and it wasn’t actioned.

    I tried to contact support via live chat. It’s no longer available. Temporary issue? Not sure, but it’s forced me to contact Tsohost support via phone. The wait time is 25+ minutes.

    Vidahost always offered excellent service. I was treated well and would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting services. I would not recommend Tsohost to anyone and I will not be using their services again.


    1  — June 19, 2020

    Not the same company it was 5 years ago

    For the first few years we used TSO I used to tell everyone about them. Amazing UK based support that was professional and knowledgeable. Then around 3 years ago, tech support was outsourced to Eastern Europe (in itself not an issue) and wait times suddenly appeared. Tickets remained unanswered for over 24 hours.

    Also most issues needed to be ‘passed to next level of technical’ – whereas before you were speaking to technical staff right from the off – no bul**** time wasting tactics that are then claimed to be for your benefit.

    ….And now outages to the control panel, now today no access to webmail. I’m starting to think the money’s all being withdrawn and the company is about to go to the wall.

    OR the owners just dont give a **** and are now just bleeding a once great company of all its assets at the expense of its customers.

    Jon E

    1  — June 14, 2020

    Gone to the dogs….

    Been with Vidahost for some years, but service has declined steadily since TSO took over, and after a totally unannounced disastrous server transfer a couple of months ago down times have been totally unacceptable, and their email servers have been blocked on occasions by the likes of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.

    I am not looking forward to the hassle of changing ISPs – I have better things to do with my time, but the service I am getting at the moment coupled with the standard support response of ‘Buy more/Upgrade to make it better’ is simply not acceptable.

    Support used to be very snappy, accessible and helpful… It is helpful, but much slower now… and much less accessible – You can’t send them a document without raising a ticket…. but you go to raise a ticket and they suggest everything else to try before you raise a ticket….

    Sorry TSO.. unless something miraculous happens in the next few months I’m joining those loyal customers looking for a new ISP.