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You want to learn HTML, right?

Having a proper cheat sheet will make your life a ton of easier.

When I started out with web development (back in 2004), I used have a cheat sheet, too. Now it’s all in my head, though.

Whether you’re savvy web developer or just a trying to experiment a little, feel free to use this HTML cheat sheet below. I originally made it for my self, but since the launch of HTML5 I decided to update it, make it look better and share it on my website.

I’ve listed out all the mainstream HTML tags as well as the new HTML5 tags.


  • If you wish to download .pdf, click here (5,8mb)
  • If you wish to use this as an image, click here (3508 x 2717)


1. HTML Cheat Sheet in .pdf

2. HTML Canvas Cheat Sheet in .pdf

If you wish to download this as .pdf, use this link (right click, “Save link as”).

3. HTML Cheat sheet in .png



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  1. I want to learn Web designing and Web development. What should I do? Is there career chances in Web design and development?

  2. Completely new to html…. I have an aerial view of a campus and have a img map created with click able areas. I want the areas defined to be one color and highlights another color when mouse hover overs it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with all. Please give #3. HTML Cheat sheet in .png – in A4 pdf format. Kindly make it in white background so that it can be cheaper printing it (the dark background will consume too much ink). And lastly, not forgetting to make it down-loadable.

  4. Many thanks for sharing this! I started learning HTML and CSS like a week ago and I was looking for something just like your cheat sheets to help me with the tags, hopefully I will remember most of them soon. Best wishes 🙂

  5. At the bottom of the PNG image, in the “Collective Character Objects” section, there is a mistake for the last three entities.
    (Uuml = Ü, ouml = ö, ucirc = û.)
    The @-sign has no entity; bull = Bullet, trade = Trademark.

    So, the table should read:
    @ (no entity) @ sign /
    • • Bullet /
    ™ ™ TM (Trademark)