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Brad Smith

Hosting Reviewer

Choosing a domain name isn’t easy.

You want a website address that will be both memorable and meaningful while simultaneously describing what your brand is all about. But even after you’ve come up with something catchy and worthy of your brand, you may find that the .com domain is already taken.

That only leads you back to the drawing board, which means more headaches.

But it doesn’t have to take forever to come up with a great domain name that’s already available.

Try one of these top 15 domain generators, listed in no particular order, and save yourself some hair-pulling.

15 Best Free Domain Name Generators

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1. Lean Domain Search

LeanDomainSearch domain name generator november 2020

Start with a single keyword, and then search your domain options on Lean Domain Search. Your search results will show hundreds, if not thousands, of domain name ideas. All results are available for .com domains. With this tool, you can also:

  • Filter alphabetically, by length, or by popularity
  • Save your favorite domain names
  • Track your search history
  • Share your search results
  • Instantly search your own ideas to see if they’re available

If you have an idea of keywords you’d like to use but need some fresh ideas for a full domain, this is the tool to use. Whenever we try to come up with domain name ideas, Lean Domain Search is the first site to visit.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify domain name generator

Although the tool’s name suggests it’s just for generating business names, Shopify’s Business Name Generator actually delivers available domain name ideas.

Start by choosing a keyword that you want your domain to include, and you’ll get hundreds of suggestions. Although the site encourages you to create a Shopify shop using the domain name they’ve suggested, you can go elsewhere to purchase the web address. Suggestions use the .com extension.

3. HostPapa

HostPapa domain name generator november 2022

HostPapa is mostly known for its web hosting services, but it also helps users with finding and transferring domain names. It doesn’t have a domain name generator per se, but if you search for the wanted domain name or keyword with their domain search, HostPapa will let you know if it’s available and also you’ll be given hundreds of alternative (primary, country-specific, premium) domain names and different extensions to choose from.

4. Bust a Name

BustAName domain name generator

Bust a Name has numerous filtering tools to help you find a quality domain name that meets your specific needs.

Start by filtering for keywords, and then choose options such as “starts” or “ends” with your keyword. Then, filter by how natural you want the domains to look, and choose your character limit. You can also choose to show taken domains as well as filter by extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org. At the bottom of the page, you’ll also see suggestions for similar keywords to try.

If you don’t have a keyword in mind, try the “Make a Random Domain” button to spark ideas or snatch up an available name. If you find a domain that you like, save it for later, or purchase it through links to domain registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap. You can also run a domain search on the site too if the name you have in mind is available.

5. Nameboy

NameBoy domain name generator

Nameboy helps you find available domain names based on the keywords you choose. Enter up to two keywords, and Nameboy will instantly deliver a list of suggested domain names. Their charts make it easy to determine which extensions are taken and which ones you can still snag. For example, even though websitesetup.com is taken, other users can still purchase websitesetup.net

You can also see which domain names are available for resale as well as allow hyphenated suggestions or rhyming keywords. This tool works well if you already have an idea of what keywords you want to use but are looking for suggestions on different variations of it.

6. NameStall

namestall domain name generator november 2020

NameStall offers a variety of tools to help you in your domain search. Start with their domain name generator tool, which will help you search by keyword and other filters, including:

  • Parts of speech
  • Popular keywords
  • Basic English words
  • Industry categories

You can also choose if you want your keyword at the beginning or end of your domain or if you want a hyphen in your web address. Finally, choose extensions you’d like to filter by. You’ll receive a list of options that are both taken and not yet registered. Click the “register” link beside the one you like to choose it.

NameStall also features a similar domain name suggestion tool as well as an instant domain search tool, brandable domain name list, and high paying keywords search tool.

7. Network Solutions

Network Solutions domain name generator

Network Solutions is a domain name provider that also helps you find related available domain names based on the keyword you search for. At first, it suggests different available TLDs for your search inquire but if you keep scrolling downwards then it also starts suggesting related names which are available.

Network Solutions displays the results with their infinite scrolling method, you can keep on scrolling until you find something that suits you, the further you scroll the more diverse options it will display. It may be a great way to find a domain name if you’re unsure where to start since it will continually display you different options.

8. Domain Puzzler

DomainPuzzler domain name generator

Domain Puzzler is a simple tool with many options. Start with the “easy” version, insert your ideal keywords, choose your domain extensions, and search for ideas.

The cool thing about this domain name generator is that you can include numerous keywords as opposed to just one or two like the other tools on this list, and it will combine your keywords into different variations. Add results to your favorites list, or try a more advanced search. You can also use the tool to compare the page rank of different domain names.

9. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator domain name generator

Doto-o-mator is another domain name generator where combining different words and suffixes, you’ll get a bunch of domain name suggestions. You can choose the names you like and check whether they’re available.

Dot-o-mator also has a mobile app that you can download.

10. Domains Bot

DomainsBot domain name generator

Domains Bot is both a domain suggestion tool and a domain search tool. Start by searching a keyword, and you’ll find available ideas based on that keyword, combined keywords, or similar keywords.

Otherwise, search the domain name you want. If it’s available, you can follow this guide to register it. You’ll also see suggestions on similar domain names. Filter by extension and language, or add your own synonyms, prefixes, or suffixes.

11. Panabee

panabee domain name generator

Panabee is a domain name search tool, business name generator, and domain name generator. Get started with two keywords, and search for domain name suggestions. If the domain name you want is taken, you can visit GoDaddy, where you can view other available extensions of the domain.

If you don’t like what you see, Panabee will deliver related terms you can search for. In addition to showing available domain names, Panabee also shows you if your ideal domain name is being used as a social media username.

12. Name Station

NameStation domain name generator

Get started with Name Station by signing up for a free account, which you can do by using your email or Facebook account. With this tool, you will get access to:

  • Domain name generators
  • Instant availability checker
  • Public name contests
  • Keyword suggestions

Filter based on extension, name length, and more. If you don’t have any keyword ideas, try searching by your industry for ideas. The site boasts being seen on TechCrunch, Mashable, SEOMoz, and others, so it’s worth checking out.

13. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a tool that works well if you already have a domain name in mind. Start by typing in your idea, and this tool will tell you if it’s taken or not. If it is, they’ll suggest alternatives that are currently available.

They’ll also let you know which ones are up for auction. You can buy through links on the site that will take you straight to GoDaddy to complete your purchase. If the domain is taken, you can follow links to either look up who owns the site or to hire an agent to help you make an offer on that domain.

14. I Want My Name

IWantMyName domain name generator

I Want My Name is similar to Instant Domain Search in that it works best if you already have a name in mind. Enter the address you want, and I Want My Name will let you know if it’s up for grabs. If not, they’ll show you alternative options and their prices. You can also filter by hiding unavailable domains.

15. Webhosting Geeks

WebHostingGeeks domain name generator

Webhosting Geeks is a name generator tool that helps you to find a unique name for your business. You can add several keywords to the search bar and add filters for more specific results.

For example, you can choose where your business name will be placed – at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the domain. Also, you can set a domain length limit (5-30 letters). Webhosting Geeks gives you an option to search from available .com, .net, .org, .us, .ca, .au, and .co.uk domain names.