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Designing a logo for your business website can be costly ($500 to $5000).

Not only that – a small-budget team may not have the software programs or skills to design a logo on their own. One thing’s certain: a logo design is important. It establishes your brand’s visual identity and stands as a memorable symbol of who you are.

Where do you turn when you don’t have the resources for a professional logo design? Luckily for 9 best eCommerce platformsyou – there are tons of free logo makers and generators online.

Some offer the software free while others feature free logo downloads as well. After researching the colours and logo style you want to represent your business, turn to one of these 15 free logo makers and generators, listed in no particular order.

Why should you use logo makers and generators?

  1. You’re starting a new website but don’t have the budget to hire a professional logo designer.
  2. You don’t have the skills or software to design a logo yourself.
  3. You’re looking for inspiration and ideas for a logo design.

Below are 15 FREE Logo Makers

#1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker homepage

Wix logo maker provides the best of both worlds: answer a few simple questions, and it will automatically create a logo template for you. Then you’re free to customize nearly every single aspect based on your personal preference — from colors to font, text, and sizing.

The best part? Not only are you getting a custom-looking logo for free, but you’ll also receive full commercial rights for it, too (meaning you can use it for business and profit without worrying about who holds the license). You can even download source files (in SVG format) of your logo so that you can put it on everything from business cards to t-shirts.

You’ll have to create an account with Wix to access the logo maker. But the silver lining is that it will also give you access to their business name generator and complete website building tool. So it’s the perfect one stop shop for a brand new business.

#2. Canva

Canva logo maker

Canva has been on the free design market for a while now, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. In their impressive lineup of templates comes a large variety of free and paid logo options. Start with one of their free templates, and then change the text, colours, fonts, and more to match your brand.

Don’t like what you see? Upload your own graphics, or choose from Canva’s vast library of free elements to add to the logo template with the simple-to-use drag-and-drop feature. Download your design as a PNG, JPG, or PDF. Use the site to create letterheads, business cards, and more using your free logo.

The only downside is that other people can use the same templates, so you might see similar designs floating around online. With a bit of creativity, it doesn’t take much to give these free logo designs your own unique touch and get a professional-looking logo at no cost.

#3. Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesing.com logo maker

Free Logo Design makes creating your cost-free logo easy. Simply type in your company name, choose from 20 different categories, the application will preview thousands of free logo templates. Make your own custom changes to the colour, shape, and font, and download your design free. If you decide later to invest into your logo a bit, you can download a high-resolution version of your logo for $59.

#4. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs logo maker

Like other logo makers on the list, Graphic Springs features a variety of templates to choose from in multiple categories. Enter your business name and tagline, choose your image category, pick your logo, and edit it with ease. Filter your options through new or popular logos.

If you want a bit more creative freedom with your logo design, start with the shapes and symbols, or use them to give your logo a bit of a decorative touch. Though the software is free to use, it costs $19.99 to download your final design as a PNG, SVG, or JPG. However, this comes with unlimited edits and downloads if you choose to make tweaks in the future.

#5. LogoMakr


LogoMakr offers an easy-to-use software program that makes it simple to drag your shapes and text right where you want them. Start by searching shapes and icons, then edit your colours, size, and more. Add text and arrange it whichever way you want it, all the while customizing for font type, size, and colour. A smart crop button easily crops your logo perfectly.

When you’re ready, simply save the design to your computer. A free download option is available but comes with limitations, e.g low-quality files and an agreement to give the site credit for your logo. For just $19, you can download a high-quality version for your website, business cards, t-shirts, and more without credits.

#6. UCraft

Ucraft logo maker

If you’ve made it this far down the list and still haven’t found a site that suits your logo design needs, try UCraft. UCraft is a website builder offering web templates, free cloud hosting, and more. As a bonus, they also offer a free logo maker. Like the other free tools on the list, UCraft’s free logo maker is as easy as choosing an icon, adding your business name, and customizing your fonts and colours.

UCraft comes with over 220,000 icons you can use in your design. Export your transparent, high-resolution PNG file completely free!

#7. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker features a similar interface to Graphic Spring’s free logo generator. It’s fast and easy for starting your logo design journey with tons of templates and font selections. Choose from their pre-designed symbols in hundreds of categories, or upload your own image.

With a free account, you can save your design and come back to it later. Enjoy unlimited downloads so you can tweak your logo any time you want. Online Logo Maker offers both a free and a premium service. The premium package comes with higher resolution downloads and allows you to export your design as transparent and vector SVG to make it easy for you to use your logo anywhere.

#8. Designmantic

DesignMatic logo maker

Get started with Designmantic’s free logo generator by choosing your preferred logo style, font type, and colours. Next, enter your business name and select from over 30 industry categories. When you find a logo you like, you can customize the colours and the font.

Although the tool is free, downloading your design comes with a fee. This means you’ll get a high-resolution and a vector-based file for large scale printing. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer unlimited downloads. If you don’t want to pay the download fee, it can be a great tool for gathering inspiration.

#9. Shopify

shopify logo maker

Shopify offers a whole range of tools for online businesses, including the tools needed to start your own online store. Though some of these services come with a monthly fee, Shopify also offers a wide range of free tools like a business name generator, QR code generator, and of course a free logo maker.

Type in your business name and then choose an icon and edit for colors and sizes. Choose from four different layouts for your text and icons, then get the logo sent straight to your email.

#10. Logo Type Maker

LogoTypeMaker logo maker

Logo Type Maker comes with over 200 fonts, more than 1,000 professional templates, and over 600,000 vector shapes to make your logo design a breeze even if you’re not a professional designer. They feature vector-based SVG downloads and unlimited modifications so you can change your colors and fonts at any time. Under the free model, you’ll be able to create a free non-customizable modern logo. Unlike other free logo makers, you’ll be able to export your design in 300DPI as a JPG or PNG file. A one-time payment of $24.99 or $39.99 delivers more features and logo choices.

#11. Zillion Designs

Zillion logo maker

Zillion Designs offers a host of services, including a free logo maker. Like the others on the list, it’s as simple as choosing your design, entering your company name, and selecting your fonts and colours. Add unique shapes and designs to your template for a truly unique look.

#12. Design Hill

Design Hill logo maker

Design Hill offers numerous services, one of them being a free logo generator. Browse thousands of icons, customize your text and colors, and download your free design. Be sure to check out their other free tools as well, including Facebook and Twitter cover photo makers, a QR code generator, and more.

#13. Logo Maker


Logo Maker has been in the industry for over a decade and has served more than 3 million entrepreneurs and small business owners through their free logo generator. Choose from over 10,000 icons, then build and save unlimited logos in your account for free.

A fee comes when you finalize your design and download the high-resolution file. In the meantime, you can use the tool to experiment with and draw inspiration from. If you’re looking for a cost-free option, you can generate an HTML code snippet for your website rather than downloading the full image file.

#14. Logaster

Logaster logo maker

Logaster makes it easy to automatically create logos and view multiple variations of your logo choice. Save your logos to view at any time. Logaster is a truly free design tool offering free downloads for a small-sized logo that you can use on your website. For a small fee, you can also download the full-sized logo.

#15. SquareSpace

SquareSpace logo maker

Squarespace offers a variety of services for online businesses, including everything you need to start your own website. With their free online logo maker, you can browse icons and customize your design whether you’re looking for inspiration or a completely customized logo. Download your design in low-resolution for free, or buy the high-resolution version for $10. Squarespace customers can download the high-resolution file free with their membership.

With this wide range of tools available at your fingertips, you can experiment with logo design no matter what your budget is.

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  1. Avatar

    Great article, but many (majority?) of these sites are NOT free of charge. Trying to find the sites that do offer free download and then test them all is extremely time consuming… Perhaps I will do a blog post at some point and list the ones that really are free, as this article is misleading.

    • Avatar

      Hey Julie, you are right, the information was no longer up to date. We have recently made changes to this post accordingly. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Avatar

    There’s been quite a few logo makers to come out since this was published. Having used most of the top platforms in this space, I’d say Logojoy’s logo maker is my favorite by far https://logojoy.com/logo-maker/. I like that it uses artificial intelligence, and that I can generate and save unlimited logos, then edit, and purchase the files when I/my client is satisfied. If I need help, I can hire one of their designers at a competitive rate.

    Definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already!

  3. Avatar

    Hello WebsiteSetup Editorial,

    How about https://www.logocrisp.com? We used that logo maker to create our logo design. They also have a free logo download option. That is ideal if you are a webdesign like me and you just need a quick logo for a project.


    • Avatar

      Logocrisp is a piece of shit because they don’t tell you the price of the high resolution version right off the bat- they make you go through 30 minutes of dicking around, they take your email, and your time, and then pop the price on you afterwards.

      The logo market online is the same thing, every time: its ‘100% free’ to get a pixelated piece of shit, and invest 30-40 minutes of your time, and then they try to rake you over the coals for 30-50$ for what is essentially a free image