MySQL Cheat Sheet

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MySQL is a popular, open-source, relational database that you can use to build all sorts of web databases — from simple ones, cataloging some basic information like book recommendations to more complex data warehouses, hosting hundreds of thousands of records.

Learning MySQL is a great next step for those who already know PHP or Perl. In this case, you can create websites that interact with a MySQL database in real-time and display searchable and categorized records to users.

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PDF Version of MySQL Cheat Sheet

MySQL Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

MySQL 101: Getting Started

MySQL 101: Getting Started (Expand)

Essential MySQL Commands

Essential MySQL Commands (Expand)

Working with Tables

Working with Tables (Expand)

Working With Table Columns

Working With Table Columns (Expand)

Data Types

Data Types (Expand)

Working With Indexes

Working With Indexes (Expand)

Working with Views

Working with Views (Expand)

Working With Triggers

Working With Triggers (Expand)

Stored Procedures for MySQL

Stored Procedures for MySQL (Expand)

Logical Operators

Logical Operators (Expand)

Aggregate Functions

Aggregate Functions (Expand)

Arithmetic, Bitwise, Comparison, and Compound Operators

Arithmetic, Bitwise, Comparison, and Compound Operators (Expand)

SQL Database Backup Commands

SQL Database Backup Commands (Expand)


Learning how to code MySQL databases may seem like a tedious task at first. But once you master the basic MySQL commands and syntax, you are set for success. Knowing MySQL can give you an edge in web development, especially with e-commerce websites and online stores.

The MySQL cheat sheet above is great for beginners. Grab your PDF copy and bookmark this page for quick access.

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